Body Corp & HOA Services

Property owners, bodies corporate of sectional title complexes, and article 21 companies for full-title complexes can use the specialized services of Protea Metering to manage their properties.

Our Services

The metering and billing system used by Protea Metering is in our opinion the most advanced in the industry. Amongst its many features, it offers a full accounting system for each property complex, and makes the documents produced available via the Internet. Complete confidentiality is maintained with a direct e-mail service to clients and landlords.

The cost of landlord services depends on the extent to which administration must be performed, and is negotiated with each landlord. If the service is limited to billing and collection, while Protea Metering is made responsible for the bulk electricity supply, the service to the landlord is FREE. In most cases where Protea Metering performs the function of re-seller of electricity, meters are installed and maintained by Protea Metering at no cost to the landlord.


We provide the following functional reports:

  • Levy rolls
  • Cash register statements
  • Vat reconciliation reports
  • Balance sheet
  • Income / Expense reports
  • Tenant details
  • Meter details

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