About Deposits

Protea Metering reserves the right to require that the consumer deposits a sum of money or submits a bank guarantee acceptable to Protea Metering as security in payment of any charges that are due or may become due to Protea Metering.
The deposit must not be regarded as payment or part-payment for any accounts due for the supply of electricity/water or for the purpose of obtaining a discount provided for in the electricity/water tariffs structure. On cessation of the supply of electricity/water, the amount of the deposit, free of interest, less any payments due to Protea Metering, must be refunded to the consumer. The amount of the deposit or bank guarantee is determined by Protea Metering from time to time and may be increased if necessary. The deposit is typically equal to twice the average monthly consumption of the consumer

Please contact us if you have any queries or questions about the deposit on your account.