Client Services

Protea Metering is not just a ‘Meter Reading Company’ but rather offers a service of complete Utility Management to our clients in terms of electricity, water, sewerage and gas. Our core focus is on the billing and collection of these utilities.

Our Services

Tenants and owners of sub-units benefit directly by the technology employed by Protea Metering. The service is guaranteed to be

  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Correct

Protea Metering is presently the only company to achieve all three goals without compromise by employing a unique management information system:

  • It is convenient. All services can be paid with a single payment.

  • It is affordable. Overhead-costs are limited by the combining of landlord levies with electricity accounts. Tariffs of the supply authority are applied without increase.

  • It is correct. Metered items are audited during each invoice run. The information system prohibits invoicing where the energy sold in a property complex does not correspond to the energy supplied to the complex.

The service charge of Protea Metering for providing this service is lower than any competitor currently operating.

Protea Metering constantly upgrades its systems to keep at par with changing technology; the main focus being convenience for the customer.


All residents are metered individually every month and are invoiced separately on their actual consumption. Protea Metering will do the account management and credit control on all accounts (payment allocation, disconnection of non-payers, credit control). Monthly statements are sent out via e-mail and mail and made available on our website.

A dedicated Protea Metering technical team, comprising of electricians and plumbers, are available to conduct electricity consumption audits, install and test meters and replace faulty meters.

Our interactive call centre staff is on hand to assist with any queries or questions regarding accounts, meter readings, consumptions, credit related matters, etc. There are various open channels of communication and the support team can even be contacted after hours for emergencies. Monthly invoices are posted or emailed to clients but are also electronically available on our website

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